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This class on ‘Hump Day’ will be sure to re-energize, re-fresh,and rejunvenate you!  It will help center and ground you, and help relieve some stress…all while making you stronger!  Prepare to be pampered and appreciated.  Teachers are particularly welcome to this class. Come straight from school and treat yourself to this practice for a special educators’ drop-in rate of $9 per class. And bring a friend!


Designed for the advanced student.  Not recommended for beginners or anyone with injuries.  Students should have a good understanding of alignment and be prepared to flow more quickly between poses, have fun and sweat!  Class may include Inversions, Sun Salutations, and creative sequencing.  Perfect for students with the desire to work their body intensely in order to clear their mind.


Buti Yoga is a movement practice that melds dynamic yoga flow sequences, cardio-infused tribal dance, plyometrics, and deep abdominal training into a high-intensity workout.  The practice is set to an upbeat playlist of current popular songs, feeling more like play than the full-body workout that it is. This practice is excellent for increasing strength, flexibility and coordination.


If you’re looking for a class that allows you to focus on your breath and take time sinking into each pose, restorative yoga is worth trying. A restorative practice aims to revitalize our energy by using the floor and props to support our bodies as we breathe and spend time in poses that open and release. A single class might only include a handful of poses, since each is held for some minutes. A restorative practice is good for all of us! But it can be especially suitable for folks recovering from injury, those new to yoga, and people working on stress reduction and mindful breathing.


This class will explore both the physical and spiritual similarities and connections between Pilates and Yoga. It utilizes the Pilates repertoire to enhance your strength, balance, coordination and flexibility within not only your yoga practice, but also in your daily life.


This multi-level class will focus on connecting poses fluidly, initiating movements with the breath, & building a purifying heat in the body.  Designed for the intermediate student, but fine for athletic beginners.


A great slow-moving, relaxing class designed for the absolute beginner, injured, or even an advanced student just looking to take it easy.  Most poses will be practiced on the ground rather than standing.  Proper mechanics, alignment and breath control will be covered.


Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga compliments the more dynamic and active (Yang) styles of yoga. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, lower spine, and pelvis. It focuses in on the ligaments, bones and even joints that normally are not exercised.  Most of the poses are done on the floor and are held passively for one to five minutes, bringing a deeply meditative quality to class, exposing deeper layers of our habitual patterns that we can then choose to release. Yin can be very powerful on our journey inward. Please note: Yin is not restorative yoga. If the tissues or spine is damaged or injured, please give yourself a chance to heal. If you are experiencing back pain due to bulging or herniated discs, this is not an appropriate class for those with an injury.


Soulful Sunday Flow is a combination of mindful and more active flow, and meditation. We use asana as a tool to clear the mind for meditation. Sometimes, we have to work hard to clear the mind! This type of flow keeps the breath with the pose and the mind with the breath.


The power flow class begins with a thorough warm-up and increases in effort. “Power” means holding strong poses, using focus and berathwork to maintain poses ina  physically and emotionally supportive way. “Flow” means moving, with breath, in a series of asanas. Periods of rest and reflection are scattered throughout the class as well as core work, inversions, balances, standing sequences, and savasana, of course

YOGA FOR CARPENTERS (and people who appreciate carpenters and people who appreciate yoga)

All are welcome to this class inspired by a handful of male carpenters in town who wanted to pay attention to their hard-working bodies. The class is one hour long, and provides a good full-body workout, with particular attention to low back and hamstrings, wrists, and mindful breathing. Feel free to join this group of men and women who appreciate an efficient and nourishing practice.


Yin Flow involves moving in a warm room to encourage the release of connective tissues. The class is geared toward stilling the mind and opening the heart, incorporating yin poses within a gentle flow.


This class is designed to erase the accumulations of the day, in both body and mind.  It employs repetitive, oscillating poses to coax the gentle loosening of the body — utilizing movements that counter each other, such as cat and cow poses. Matching up with the often-decreased energy levels of the evenings, more time is spent near the floor and less time working in standing poses. While seeking to unwind, un-stick, de-stiffen, and de-crystallize, an inner focus on the breath is always encouraged.  This class often includes group meditation and mantra repetition.  Appropriate for all levels.


Warm Flow and Glow is a lovely practice of postures sequenced together with a focus on the integration of breath linked with movement.  The temperature will range between 80-85 degrees, which will help warm your muscles up to create more flexibility and strengthening. After a well deserved savasana, class will end with a cool aromatherapy cloth to send you back into your day feeling rejuvenated and ready for the world that awaits you.

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By submitting this form, you are granting: Brevard Yoga, 29 W. French Broad Street, Brevard, NC, 28712, permission to email you. You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email. (See our Email Privacy Policy ( for details.) Emails are serviced by Constant Contact.