CLASS FEES: BYC is a Pay-What-You-Can Space. 

Here’s what to do:

1. Come to class! Yay, you’re here.

2. Sign in to class using the iPad if you’ve been here before. If not, please fill out a new student form.

3. Leave your cash or check in the box. If you’d like to pay for your class with a credit card, please let the instructor know and he or she will hand you the iPad to confidentially enter the amount you’d like to pay. If you have a class card, your iPad sign-in will help us keep track of that.

Click here for new student information.

Need an idea of what to pay?

$18 – Pay It Forward : (Help cover the cost of another student coming to class.)

$14 – Sustain: (Help us maintain our offerings in the broader community.)

$10 – Keep the Lights On: (Help us maintain a beautiful practice space available to all.)

$5 or whatever you can do, which may be $0 – Show Up: (Help the world be a more compassionate place. You matter!

Take care of yourself!)

We’re really glad you’re here.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you feel at home.